Since rejoining the Company in 1997, Mr. Jobs had not sold any of his shares of the Company’s stock. Mr. Jobs held no unvested equity awards. The Company recognized that Mr. Jobs’s level of stock ownership significantly aligned his interests with shareholders’ interests.

Apple’s 2012 Proxy Statement

In a world where the likes of Steve Ballmer and many others routinely sell huge portions of their shares, Jobs kept all of his. $2,319,515,000 worth, as Dustin Curtis points out.

That’s dedication and loyalty. That’s putting your money where your mouth is.

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thank you god for showing me this picture xD


thank you god for showing me this picture xD


I came up with this idea on the way to meet with the guys at Marvel, but didn’t show it to them (for obvious reasons).


I came up with this idea on the way to meet with the guys at Marvel, but didn’t show it to them (for obvious reasons).

Look! In the sky! It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever seen in my life!


Ladies and Gentlemen, the WTF-est of WTF QR codes.


John Cleese - “A Lecture on Creativity”


John Cleese lectures on the topic of creativity.

Per Back to Work #62: Cultural Molasses.

Seriously: this wonderful video has had a huge impact on how I think about creativity. For years.

Unfortunately, the copy I’ve had and repeatedly enjoyed “fell off the back of a truck,” so I had no way to share it.

Now, (via danforth), I can finally share and highly recommend it.

And, I really, really do encourage you to watch it. Really. All the way through. It’s just terrific.



A new survival horror game (created by the inventive regalis11) is being currently developed on the subject of the SCP Foundation, this time an entire containment facility where you play a worker trapped inside during an accident in the building and must find a way to escape while dealing with several scary entities from the SCP universe. 

SCP-Containment Breach features a randomly generated map layout so replaying the game is never the same.  Many creatures require direct line of sight for protection and to stop their movement against you so the game incorporates a blink-meter that forces players to blink however you can manually control this function to gauge its usage.   

There are puzzles to solve as well as items hidden around to help solve the mystery of the containment breach if players are brave enough to stick around and search for them.  There are also surveillance cameras and monitors that can help or hurt you.

One more interesting note about this game is the difficulty settings based around the different classes of SCPs.  There’s Euclid which allows players to save normally and then there’s Keter with a permadeath setting which means if you die your game save is deleted. 

SCP-173, SCP-106 and SCP-895 are just some of the SCP enemies you’ll encounter in the game but the main focus of SCP-Containment Breach is SCP-173.  The game is in alpha development right now but hopefully more people will lend a hand to help finish this ambitious and interesting horror game.  You can download the alpha version here.

The game is written in BlitzMax using Blitz3D SDK so if there are any programmers out there interested in helping to contribute to the completion of this project please seek out the developers at their blog

You might also check out another SCP Game:  SCP-087 (The Creepy Staircase)


Starting today, when you choose to share Instagram photos to Facebook, your images will automatically be added to an “Instagram Photos” Facebook album visible to your Facebook friends!

The photos will appear full-sized in the News Feed along with the caption that you’ve added to the…


The best part about this is that it all sounds like Nicki Minaj.



open mic nite

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These are the chew toys that have made me sad and tired and cynical.

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UPDATE: Good news! Tumblr has answered us with a positive position on browser extensions. Read More.

~ Your Freedom To Use Your Browser Is Under Attack ~

Tumblr’s Terms of Service hasn’t changed yet. So please read and help out!

The Tumblr staff recently requested feedback on updates they will be making to their policies. They specifically mention one of their goals is to prevent the promotion of self-harm. However, their updated Terms of Service includes something a lot less laudable.

Unable to find the required avenues to stop developers from creating and distributing browser extensions that enhance the way you use Tumblr and not getting enough of a response to their scary warning campaign, they now seem to be preparing the groundwork for coming after users of these extensions.

~ Who, you? Yes, apparently. ~

Tumblr had been previously unable to prevent all development of these extensions, scripts and add-ons because they function within your web browser, allowing you to direct these extensions to use your browser to automatically perform tasks for you on Tumblr (like quickly reblogging from the dashboard, uploading images to posts, adding control buttons to your sidebar or hiding content you don’t want to see). The extensions, themselves, do not interact directly with Tumblr, only help your web browser to do it for you!

With the upcoming changes to the Terms of Service, Tumblr will soon be able to punish someone: you.

~ How is it wrong to use something to help me enjoy Tumblr more? ~

The important part of the new Terms of Service is under the section titled Limitations on Automated Use:

You may not do any of the following while accessing or using the Services: … (c) access or search or attempt to access or search the Services by any means (automated or otherwise) other than through our currently available, published interfaces that are provided by Tumblr… (d) scrape the Services, and particularly scape (sic) Content (as defined below) from the Services, without Tumblr’s express prior written consent

These limitations will make using almost any browser extension, add-on or script for Tumblr (and even some not specifically intended for Tumblr) against the rules!

Do you use Missing e, XKit, Tumblr Savior or any Greasemonkey script for Tumblr? Well, pretty soon, that will mean you will be in violation of Tumblr’s Terms of Service. That would be grounds for terminating your account!

~ What’s the Big Deal? ~

Extensions, add-ons and scripts like Missing e, XKit and Tumblr Savior help you get better use of Tumblr. They might mean that you decide against leaving Tumblr, or that you come back to it. They make it easier to spend more time on Tumblr than you might have normally and become a more involved member of this community. These are the kind of things a company like Tumblr should want, but is instead fighting against.

This most recent step effectively means that Tumblr apparently wants to reach into your web browser and tell you exactly how you are to use it to interact with their website. Their way, and NO OTHER WAY.

~ So, What Can We Do? ~

Tumblr’s new Terms of Service policy has not yet been put into effect. They are still looking for feedback. My suggestions is that we give them feedback.

Contact Tumblr (policy@tumblr.com) and let them know that this decision will alienate the userbase they work so hard to grow. Let them know that a browser extension (be it any of them) brought you back to Tumblr, or convinced you to stay, or kept you on this site longer. Tell them that your Tumblr is better off with a Savior, a Kit of the ‘X’ variety or that Missing e!

ABOVE ALL, BE POLITE. The best way to present your case is with clearheaded statements that show Tumblr that these tools make you want to use their product more!